Company Background

In early 70’s; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Go; established a business engaged in the wholesale/ retail trading of rice, corn and other cereals based in Binondo, Manila. Their suppliers include various rice processing plants from different parts of the country. Realizing the need for quality and efficient post-harvest equipments, Mr. and Mrs. Go started to market Suncue Grain Dryer.

The excellent prospects of technological innovations for improving the efficiency and profitability of rice processing and trading business in the country encouraged the incorporators to organize the company. Thus in 1992, H & E Enterprises, Inc.was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The brisk sales of its top-of-the-line SUNCUE grain dryers, cited for their demonstrated excellent performance in commercial paddy drying/milling operations, earned for the new company increasing patronage among rice processing plants / government agencies/ cooperatives nationwide. Thus, H & E Enterprises, Inc. soon established its market niche and became a byword in technological innovation and excellence in the Philippine grain post harvest industry.

Presently, H & E Enterprises, Inc. is engaged mainly in the supply and distribution of imported post harvest machinery and equipment, notably grain dryers and various state-of-the-art rice processing, grading and packaging machines.

Company Objective & Goals:

The primary objective of the company is to supply efficient and quality post-harvest machinery and equipment which will improve quality and minimize “after-harvest” losses in agricultural produce. Directly or indirectly this helps small farmers to a better livelihood, and the country to a better economy.


H & E Enterprises, Inc. provides Plant Engineering Designs, Turn-Key Projects and after-sales service. The following machineries and equipments are presently carried by the company:

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