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Item/Model SUPER-60SUPER-60-85SUPER-120SUPER-120-110SUPER-240Super-300MD-150MD-165
Capacity (kg)Paddy2500~60002500~84502800~108002800~120004000~240004000~30000Maize (1 liter=690g) 7000-15000Maize (1 liter=690g) 7000-16500
Dimension (mm) LxWxH3270x2411x55743270x2411x67963609x2660x89913609x2660x96024786x3786x104074786x3786x116295223x3463x96615223x3463x10272
Net weight (kg) approx17151893220522904850515030753170
BurnerModelGun Type, Double Nozzle, Spray Burner
IgnitionHi-pressure automatic ignition
Combustion (liter/hr)13.517.54554
FuelKerosene or premium diesel
Electricity1P/3P, 220V/380V/415V/440V,50/60Hz3P, 220V/380V/415V/440V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption (kW)IP:3.1 3P:4.076.3512.8511.75
FunctionLoading (approx.)30 min43 min55 min60 min58 min65 min69 min75 min
Discharge (approx.)41 min58 min52 min58 min58 min70 min63 min70 min
Drying Rate0.5~1.5%/hr2.5-3.5%/hr1.8~2.6%/hr
Safety DevicesThermo-over relay - Air pressure switch - Full load buzzer - Timer - Flame sensor - Abnormal combustion sensorThermo-over relay - Air pressure switch - Full laod buzzer - Timer - Control fuse - Flame sensor - Abnromal combustion sensor

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